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S&RCs and Addiction

There is a huge amount of discussion at the moment about sugar and addiction and many of know the struggle to say no to a slice of cake, warm sausage roll etc etc but is that actually an addiction?

It is our biology to crave S&RCs, in nature these foods do not exists and anything close to them such honey and fruit are highly prized. It is interesting to note that these hi carb foods are most available in late summer and the autumn just before the famine we face in the winter. Only in our modern world there is no famine and S&CRs are around us all the time highly available, very cheap and extremely profitable.

Our biology served as well when we where hunter gathers to gorge on hi carb foods for the limited time we could get them and store as fat. During the harsh winter of limited food supplies we would burn this fat and in some cases it would save our lives.

We are now faced the issue that a biological drive that saved our lives is now killing us and evolution takes generations to alter so how do we deal with this now? Is it helpful to think of this as an addiction i am not sure!

In my quest to eat a healthy diet that has none or very low S&RCs i will endeavor to:

  • remember i am driven by my biology but that is misplaced and will only harm me
  • minimize temptation by not keeping S&RCs foods in the house
  • minimize temptation by being careful how i shop
  • keep in foods the make me satiated.
  • ask for support from friends and family
  • be kind and patient with myself if i slip
  • not be a pain in the arse to others 🙂