Health and Wellbeing

Bone Breathing

I find this great for getting to sleep especially when my mind is racing!

I lie on my back, feet apart, arms by my side, palms up. Calm breathing fr a few minutes.

I am then to imagine breath coming in through the toes my left foot and up the bones of left leg to the hip. Then breath out from the hip along the same route. In and up, out and down, seven times. Same procedure with the right leg. Breath comes in through the left foot, up to the left hip and now across to the right hip. You breathe out and down the right side. The shape of a U, seven times.

I then breathe in through the fingers of my left hand up to the shoulder. Breathe out from the shoulder down to the fingers. Seven times. Ditto for the right hand. Seven times U moments again: up from the left hand to the left shoulder and across to the right shoulder, breathe out down the right arm. Same procedure in reverse, right hand, right shoulder, across to the left and out. Seven times.

The spine, Breathing in, I go to the top; breathing out, to the base. Seven times. Same for the skull – this feels the most odd. Seven times. The final breathing starts with both feet and and goes through all the bones to the top of the skull. All he time, breathing in. Then down again in a giant breathe out. Up. Down. Seven times.

Living Proof, a medical mutiny by Michael Gearing-Tosh – page 52