Here is my story how i have come to leave the corporate world and arrive at this point in my life.

In 2007, after 13 years in the IT industry, I decided it was time to organise my working life to suite my needs. I was working for an IT consultancy managing offshore software projects and I wanted more time to pursue my own spiritual journey.

I took a radical step and set about building a portfolio career that drew on all my strengths and training. I quit my job, bought an old van (wellington boots and quality waterproofs) and booked into healing areas of an assortment of festivals around the UK and set about building my own business. I now run a holistic practice based in south west London as well as running a company developing web sites and offering PC Training.

The Strands

In 1994 in my late twenties I achieved a life long goal and was awarded an Honours degree from Kingston University. My degree in computer science made my childhood passion of computer programming a living reality. I was blessed with working for a great variety of different companies both large and small, international and independent. I developed applications as diverse as websites, EDI integration modules and computer games of which two where released (USS Ticonderoga and SimIsle) in many languages and performed lots of different roles.

I started practising yoga at University for its mental benefits and it was through yoga that Thai Massage found me. During a 3 week yoga retreat during 2003 in Greece with Angela and Victor I encountered Rebecca and received my very first Thai massage. When 2 hours was over it felt like it had been both 2mins and my whole life at the same time. Later that year while on a trip to Thailand I took some time to do a course with the Sunshine Massage School, and so I discovered more about this technique that had made such an impression on me. Nicky, our tutor (Bodywisdom), was UK based and once I was home I attended more training courses with her school. At Nicky’s suggestion in 2006 I completed my qualification. I was told by Gabbie, my yoga teacher, who had suggest the course in Greece, that training with Angela and Victor would change my life, I don’t think either of us foresaw exactly how profound a change that would be.

In January 2009 I came full circle and spent a month at a Sivananda ashram in India training as a yoga teacher. I have also be blessed with the chance to explore Chi Kung and in 2010 completed a 2 year Chi Kung teacher training with the College of Elemental Chi Kung.

I continue to work with excellent and inspiring teachers to ensure that my skills continue to grow. I have recently completed a 3 year herbal medicine course Sensory Solutions which is combining my love of gardening with my love of nature and of helping myself and others take control of their own wellbeing.

I would like to thank all my teachers, who have all contributed to the path that I am following, and I look forward to the teachers that I have yet to meet.