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It is such an odd thing that us women go through, we have these massive life changing experiences, some such as childbirth are welcome to society and talked about excitedly, others such as menopause or even periods (on a small but repeated and regular scale) are not sociably acceptable. We are supposed to keep on going as if nothing is happening without complaint.

I feel very blessed that i don’t have to work full time and have been given the gift of time thru this process for myself . Doubtfully so that i live in a time when we are beginning to change and be open and accepting of women’s issues. I consciously mention such things as menopause in company now instead of skirting round the subject.

I watched the lovely Pip Waller’s thoughts on menopause as an initiation yesterday and loved what she had to say. It really stuck a cord for me and it is affirming of my experience which has felt time a time of transition. I am not the same person that i was, not better or worse but somehow altered.

check it out for yourself

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