Crafts Masks

Mask Notes

I am making these reusable washable face coverings for a donation to The Mayhew charity. You can make your donation directly online via their website.

Washing:- the nose wire is not secured so please be careful. Ideally remove the nose wire if you are using a washing machine.

Filter pocket:- there is a pocket in the middle where you can add a filter. You can buy them or use materials you might already have (some kind of non-woven materal). Lots of advice here about filters.

Head Tie:- I use tee-shirt yarn and have threaded for a tie round the back of the head. You could swap this out for elastic to go behind the ears easily if you prefer.

The pattern i am using is based on this one

Tee-shirt Yarn

I make this from old tee-shirts and I am running low. If you have any old tee-shirts that you want to recycle I would be very happy to receive them.