Life Hacks

Look where your going

I ride my bike a lot, i love being out in the weather even when it is raining. Feb was tough we had quite a few storms and riding in strong winds rain is tiring!

focus on the smooth clear path then this will be your path

I was reminded of how important it to focus on your goal whilst on my ride to work this week. The roads are full of potholes and it is really tempting to stare at them as you try to cycle round BUT where you look is precisely where your bike wheel goes. I know this and most of the time i manage to persuade my mind to look for the clear smooth path on the road between the pot holes but every now and then i fail and its bumpy.

i know from experience that it works when i am on my bike so i figure it might well work for the rest of my life and wherever possible i focus on the best possible route.

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