personal reflections


I am spending my festive season hobbiting. This is not totally abnormal for me but i had planned to go on a solitary retreat in nature, obviously that has not happened!


Enjoying the delights of being home, generally alone but possibly with a couple of good friends. A hobbit always has a full pantry and will eat well and if its cold there will be a fire burning in the grate for sure.

As a person who needs their solitude, not living alone has been challenging this year. I am trying to find a way to do my retreat at home with others around, not being antisocial but deliberately being quite, staying away from media especially the news and doing a fast (you are right no hobbit would ever fast unless forced).

Christmas is traditional a time to feast, to eat up any perishable food and to put on fat to get thru the cold hard months ahead but we live in a world where food is constantly available and our challenge is to not eat too much. I find a fast is an great way to reconnect with food, work out what i really want to eat and not just eat what is easy or pushed at me. Fasting is also an excellent way to get in touch with my emotional state and lets face this year has been tough. I am hoping this fast will nourish me, help me let go of any pent up emotions and refill my spiritual tank. I want to step into the cave nourished so I can enjoy the special kind of rest that is possible in the deep winter.

I hope whatever you have done this festive season has been nourishing.

If you are thinking of Fasting then i would highly recommend you read Steven Harrod Buhners’s most excellent book The Transformation Power of Fasting – The way to spiritual, physical and emotional Rejuvenation.

Fasting is not easy; it mines the deepest realms of the self, and is often hard work. But the reward is great.

Stephen Harrod Buhner