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I have dabbled in the past and created some simple plugins but now i want to really get to grips with this. It really helps to have clear objective so i thought i would create a calender plugin for WordPress. I am going to keep i simple but functional, title, description, start date and time, end data and time, location.

Why a calender, well I have been thinking for a while that i am not happy about the amount of my personal data that i give away in return for tools and given that at least one major organisation is going to move us over to a US based organisation at the end of the month i have decided now is the time to act!

My approach has been to create a couple of very simple apps that work with short codes to add simple tools. The first one i created was a conversion tool using JavaScript, i also created a plugin to display an RSS feed. As part of my learning i have found some amazing resources online and partly for my own reference but also for others i am sharing them here.

To date i have got a new type added using the boiler plate and now i need to make it do some useful stuff.

Update: Its Thursday and i have got the boiler plate doing what i want apart from the fact that it won’t save meta data on save-post! very frustrating but i have loads about debugging! Resources have been added, not that any of it helps as it just not registering my callback


The handbook and a couple of key pages

Working with shortcodes. this was great for building quick and dirty plugins that worked with shortcodes, great for getting going.

Step by step using the standard boiler plate

Create a custom post type

Using the boiler plate to add a custom post type. I mostly used #3 as it explains where to put things really well .

Unfortunately the camera angle means you cannot read the screen so it is hard to follow. The source code for Chris’ plugin in github


Top ways to debug save-post

Wish List

These are a few that i have bookmarked for later reading

using nonces


register settings

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